About Twin Oaks Ranch
Twin Oaks Ranch provides camping and retreat facilities for qualified church and Christian community-service groups. We want to assist you in hosting your camp/retreat. Our goal is to provide an excellent facility that is conducive to healthy Christian camping experience.
Core Purpose
Our Core Purpose is to glorify and serve God by creating opportunities for people to encounterJesus Christ for the transformation of their life, work, and communities.  
Mission & Vision
The mission of Twin Oaks is to create a cooperative sustainable camp and retreat environment for Christian camping, Bible conferences, and Christian education purposes, in which the desire to know Jesus Christ thrives.
In 1970, five individuals acquired nine acres along Onion Creek west of Buda, Texas to fulfill a long-cherished dream to provide a place where boys and girls, men and women could enjoy the freedom of a camping experience while furthering their knowledge of God, His Son Jesus Christ, and His creation. They sought to provide facilities at a reasonable cost so that churches could host their camps and retreats. Along with subsequent generations of liked-minded individuals, they progressively developed camp/retreat facilities along the beautiful Onion Creek. In 1998, we acquired three more acres along the north boundary to create a buffer between the camp and the emerging growth of Buda. Thousands of people each year share the reality of this “dream come true” in a setting along the banks of Onion Creek. The waterfront areas are contained by rugged rock formations and bluffs—all evidences of God’s amazing handiwork. Countless lives have been changed by the power of God. In addition, they continue to encourage others to know God’s son Jesus Christ.
Our Staff
Don Haluzan is the executive director of Twin Oaks Ranch. He answered the call of this ministry in 1994. Don’s passion is to provide excellent facilities so that the gospel can be clearly proclaimed in a setting that allows individuals to step outside the routine of everyday life and step into a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
Giving Opportunities
For over 40 years, Twin Oaks Ranch has been a Christian organization that has provided excellent facilities for camps and retreats at a reasonable cost. These programs enable youth and families to enjoy a positive and exciting camping experience combined with the truths of God’s Word, making a lasting impact on future generation.
To make a gift by mail, send a check made payable to Twin Oaks Ranch at P.O. Box 457 | Buda, TX 782610.